Elisha Abargel is an award-winning designer from Tel Aviv, Israel. He’s inspired by the city’s energy, its
colors, the sunny blue skies, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Elisha’s collections are a mix between tailored fashion and sportswear, made for the bold, vibrant and creative woman. 

His pieces borrow fabrics and silhouettes from streetwear, sportswear and work attire and his artistic designs blend-

These all together with constructed, tailored cuts.

Known for his unique work process, Elisha starts by creating the design motifs by hand and then uses advanced-

Technology to digitally create the fabric. 

His clothes often mix classic materials, like leather, silk and linen, with digitally created mesh and other materials.

Pairing traditional craftsmanship with the latest technologies, Elisha’s clothes depict a yearning for the
romanticism of olden days with a twist of today’s modern tech scene. This signature style brings loyal
customers from all over the world to his studio & shop, located right off the trendy Rothchild Boulevard.

CONTACT: [email protected]



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