Elisha Abargel, a prize winning designer in Israel, is inspired by the energy of Tel Aviv, its colors, the sun and the blue skies and sea of the Mediterranean.

   Elisha's collections are a mix between tailored fashion and sportswear made for the dynamic, vibrant and creative woman. His garments borrow fabrics and silhouettes from street wear, sport or work wear and his art blends it with constructed, tailored cuts.

   His studio and shop are located in the heart of Tel Aviv. Here, he brings to the table traditional craftsmanship with the latest in technology practice fusing a yearning for the romanticism of old with a twist of today’s tech scene.  His designs are for bold, fresh, independent women and are produced from a hybrid process of creativity.

   First Elisha creates the design motifs by hand and then uses technology to digitally create the fabric. His clothing often mixes classic materials such as leather silk and linen with digitally created mesh and other materials.